EmotionsEmotions are just energy in motion (e-motions), messengers of the moment and letting us know our feelings around it, whether we like the experience or not, and whether we wish to experience more of that emotion in our lives.

Except that for many of us, rather than let these emotions flit in, allowing ourselves to experience them and then let them flit out of our lives again, so we can experience the next emotion, we tend to cling on to the emotions and we become stuck in the situation that generated that emotion.

Suppressing Emotions

If we don’t get stuck in re-living an emotion, then because it is one we do not wish to experience, we suppress that emotion, and park it in our psyche, where it is also, stuck, but this time the emotion is stuck outside of us, but constantly knocking on the door to be let in.

It is our coping mechanism – can’t or don’t want to deal with the emotion, so I’ll try to ignore it. However, like a bad penny, it keeps on coming back to us, haunting us. This leads us to tripping over that emotion, again and again, taking more and more effort and energy to try and ignore it or run away from it, as time goes by.

Because we are constantly running away from the emotion, it is the only reason that it is constantly chasing us, so that it can catch us up. When it does so, it then trips us up, to let us know it’s here, so we can experience it and then let it go on its way, as it has done its job.

Energy Medicine View

In energy medicine, we see energy “stuckness” as first residing in the aura or spiritual part of our being – the early warning radar, hunch or gut feeling side of things if you will. This will start to affect how we see or deal with things, as we are on heightened perceptual awareness. If we ignore the stuck emotion and continue to suppress it – not wanting to perceive it – then it will continue to gain mass, like a magnet, it will draw in more of the situations which will generate the emotion: the Law of Attraction.

Hence, our conscious minds say to us, “Why does this keep on happening to me?”, it is a way of the emotion trying to break out of the “stuckness” and get in touch with your conscious mind, so it can gain freedom.

Like anything, the more mass and thus heavier the emotion becomes, the further it will sink within us. And so it will sink from the spiritual part of us in to the emotional mind part of us. This is the level at which we start to act out the emotion.

It may show up in unexpected outbursts of emotion – how many of us have experienced the, “…I have no idea what came over me…”, moment?

You may see your reaction to it, but not feel or consciously know the original emotion that caused it. The sudden bursting in to tears; the laughing at something you wouldn’t normally find, and isn’t, funny; the sudden temper outburst at the minutest of things – the four letter expletives etc; and the feelings of wanting to run away and hide.

If you don’t deal with the emotion at this stage, then it will continue to gather mass, and drop down into your physical body. Hence you will suffer physcial dis-ease.

Discomfort, aches and pains are only early symptoms of your physical body alerting you to something being out of balance, so that your conscious mind has the chance of then doing something about it! If you don’t deal with it at this stage, then the symptoms will only increase, until you can no longer ignore them unless you take the ultimate route in running away from them!

How Can Energy Medicine Help?

If you take the analogy of the river cycle: Water vapour when cooled in the atmosphere becomes clouds and eventually when enough cooled water vapour exists, it will fall as rain. This rain will collect with other raindrops, to become streams, which then collect together to form rivers. In Winter, the lack of Suns energy can cool down the river so that it freezes over, and eventually, if cold enough, it can become a solid plug of ice, preventing the river from flowing entirely. Only when increased energy from the Sun comes along in the Spring will the temperatures rise melting the ice, allowing the river to flow again.  As the temperature continues to rise, the water in the rivers can gain enough energy to evaporate to become water vapour in the atmosphere, again.

Similarly, energy medicine raises the vibration of the stuck emotion by giving it energy, allowing it to change its state, from something that maybe a solid physical plug, to something that starts to flow as a liquid emotion again, to evaporating entirely and allowing you the freedom to experience life without the emotional baggage weighing you down, which is preventing you from enjoying everything that life has to offer you.

What is Energy Medicine?

Energy Medicine is any therapy or treatment which changes a persons energy flow or emotions in a positive way. It can be anything from the food we eat; the fluids we drink; the conversations we have; the information we read; all the way through to massages; accupuncture; Reiki; to Ergonomics; Sleeping; and Breathing.