Welcome to LIFTU

LIFTU - Complementary Health PracticeLIFTU is an Energy based Complementary Health Practice and Teaching organisation, run by Paul Fischer.

To know more about Energy based medicine and how it may help you, please see our E-motions page.

Complementary Health Treatments

Currently we provide treatments in:
Indian Head Massage
Breath4LifeTM Breath Work

We also provide group courses and one-to-one sessions in: Emotional Intelligence; Life Coaching; MAT Technique; Meditation; and Stress & Anxiety Lowering Techniques. These one-to-one sessions can be either Face to Face or remotely via Skype or Telephone.

Reiki Training is provided in conjunction with:
Acorn to Oak – The International School of Energy Medicine

Latest News

If you wish to make an appointment for an online session, please enter in the Notes / Special Requirements section whether you wish to have a Skype or Zoom appointment. 

We are providing a limited number of House Call Appointments – call to make an appointment.

During 2019 we had a fabulous weekend course which included: Fire Walking; Walking on Broken Glass; and pressing the soft part at the bottom of the throat against an arrow tip, with enough force to break the arrow. What do you fear doing? Let us know: contact us.

A new Breath4LifeTM Breath Work Foundation Course is starting soon. For more information please see Acorn to Oak

Ash, Surrey Reiki Share
Currently suspended

Hertford Reiki Share
Reiki Shares and talks are held monthly.

Whaplode, Spalding Reiki Share
Reiki Shares will soon be restarting and are held on the last Friday of the month @ 7:30 pm

We will be attending events, alongside Acorn to Oak: TBC

TBA: Reiki One Course in Whaplode, Lincolnshire

TBA: Reiki Two Course in Whaplode, Lincolnshire

For a full list of Training dates and Retreats, please see Acorn to Oak – The International School of Energy Medicine