Breath4Life Breath Work

Breath WorkBreath4LifeTM Breath Work is a form of connective breathing, breathing without pause. The energy of the in-breath helps to raise the energy flow of the person breathing. It can thereby help release any e-motional blockages. The slow, casual out-breath helps to remind us to relax.

Breath4LifeTM Breath Work is a complementary therapy and holistic treatment. It can aid healing on many levels: physically, emotionally and spiritually, through the clearing of energy blocks. These blocks can be the cause of many of the symptoms of dis-ease. Dis-ease, including emotional and physical pain, is our bodies way of informing us, that something needs to be looked at.

What is Breath4LifeTM Good For?

If you have any deep-seated emotional, spiritual or chronic (long-term) physical dis-ease problems, then this may help you release the emotional “history” associated with those dis-eases and the cascade effects that come from that.

For instance, emotional stress may lead to you hunch your shoulders and tense other muscles. This in turn can make movement difficult and painful, it can lead to constriction in the blood flow to the brain, leading to headaches, etc.  If the emotional stress is only temporary, then taking a walk around the block or taking a pill to relax the muscles, give temporary pain relief from the headache or dilate the blood vessels may be all you need. If not, then seeing your GP maybe required, or you may just need an Indian Head Massage or Reiki treatment to help relax the muscles and release some of the emotional stress. However, if it is more long-term, or you wish to get on top of the situation before you start to physically feel the dis-ease, or before the emotional dis-ease effects starts to impact you life in some other way, then Breath4LifeTM should be your treatment of choice.

Do you suffer from Addictions, Anger issues, Anxiety, Behavioural issues, Depression, OCD, PTSD, Relationship issues, Sleeping difficulties, Stress, Unexpected Emotional Outbursts (out-of-the-blue crying; laughing at things that are scary; etc), or Worries?  Breath4LifeTM can  help you change your life around.

Breath4LifeTM in Practice

Breath4LifeTM Breath Work practitioners help to guide you through the process of relaxation exercises; NLP; and using a conscious breathing technique. This slows down your brain activity, allowing you to enter a different phase of consciousness. This allows your subconscious and superconscious mind work more closely with your conscious mind, in the healing process and direct the breath energy to where it is needed. 

During the active breathing session, the practitioner will only coach you in your breathing technique, so that you can safely delve into, express and overcome the emotion, and thus assist you in getting the most healing out of the session.

This is not a passive therapy, and as such, the more effort you put into the breathing process, the more you’ll get out of it.

Every experience of the therapy is likely to be different, there is no substitute from actually experiencing it for yourself.

As the name complementary therapy implies, it is not a replacement for or an alternative to seeing your medical physician, but works alongside the recommendations and directions of your medical physician.

If you are interested in a Breath4LifeTM Breath Work treatment in the Spalding area or within Lincolnshire and surrounding counties, then please get in touch or visit our Appointments page.  Occassional sessions are also available in Central London and Surrey.